How do I score points in Aussie Rules Football?

Aussie Rules scoring is actually pretty simple. The team with the highest score wins! A goal is worth 6 points and a 'behind' is worth 1 point. Wait, a behind? What on earth is a behind!?

OK, first things first. Let's look at a picture of some Aussie Rules posts. At each end of the field there are four posts. Two tall posts in the middle (called goal posts), and two shorter posts on either side (called behind posts):

The ball must be kicked between the posts to score (there's no crossbar, you can kick it as high as you like!). Kick the ball between the two middle posts and score 6 points. Kick the ball between the large goal post and the smaller 'behind' post and score 1 point. It means that an Aussie Rules scorecard might look something like this:

Montreal Demons   10.11 (71) defeated
Boston Bulldogs   6.8 (44).

Montreal scored 10 goals (x 6) and 11 points (x 11) so the final score is 60+11 = 71!

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Check out this picture of real Aussie Rules goal posts!